Daniel Liguori grew up outside of Cleveland, Ohio, the youngest of four.  When his older siblings left the house for college, they left behind echoes of the rock music they played on the stereo.  This music had quite an impact on Daniel.  It was not long after Daniel found himself figuring out many of those tunes on the family piano.  Soon, Daniel was off to college himself, but that was the back-up plan.

It was in Tampa, Florida, where Daniel's music career began while pursuing a Communication degree at the University of South Florida.  He forged his style as a singer/songwriter/guitar-player while playing in a popular band called "Between Extremes."  The band was together for four years.  In that time, they released a 10-song self titled cd and had a decent amount of success around the state of Florida, playing for the American Cancer Society, various college functions, and many of the Tampa music venues.

After graduation, and a short stay in New York City, Daniel decided to move to Austin, Texas, to enhance his solo music career.  It was in Austin where he released a 13-song cd, titled 68 Pennies.  The title track "Racecar" received airplay on some local Austin radio stations.  While playing at many of the respected Austin music venues, Daniel shared the stage with the infamous father of surf rock Dick Dale, 70's classic rock band Orleans, and alternative bands Oleander, Tantric, and Vallejo.  While in Austin, he completed two nation-wide tours and finished his Master's degree at The University of Texas, but school was still the back-up plan.

Daniel now resides on the road playing music.  His most recent stops have been Thady Con's, Kate Kearneys, Saints & Sinners, and Prohibition in New York City; Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania; Irish Kevin's and Bear Bottom Beach Club in Key West; A.J. Sports in Tallahassee; and Flannery's in Cleveland, Ohio.  When asked what kind of music Daniel plays he replied, "songs that bring emotion out of the audience."  Daniel has quite an extensive cover song list as well as numerous originals.  He plans to continue writing and performing music for a long time.  Look for him somewhere in a town near you.